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Entrevista Laboral


RPO: recruiting process outsourcing

We take care of the functions or stages in the selection process that consume a lot of time. Outsource your recruitment process with us, we are responsible for 100% of the outsourced functions. You choose up to which part of the process you outsource, optimizing the investment.

You also have access to our human resources platform.

head hunting

we attractto the talent that your organization needs and we offer you a digital shortlist of the best qualified candidates who best suit you.

temporary job

We take care of the recruitment, selection, hiring and making available to the professionals you need. We cover your temporary work needs with maximum speed, quality and guarantee.

equipmenttrade marketing

We have a database of many years in the field for merchandisers, promoters, repositories, vendors, vacation covers, micro preventers, preventers, activations, supervisors, promoters, etc.

gives the first

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