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organizational climate

I reduced the turnover of people, encourages positive leadership and equal opportunities. Increase the performance of your organization and attract the best talent!

Mujer tensionada

In the US, 83% of workers suffer from work-related stress, which can cause up to a million workers to miss work each day, costing US companies around of $300 billion annually.

In the UK, work-related anxiety and depression account for around 44% of all occupational illnesses in the UK, some 15.4 million days of work lost annually.

American Institute of Stress, USA

What do we do?

we measure

The climate and culture of the organization with a survey analyzing 7 key sectors.

we design

The methodology to be applied in the implementation of the action plan.

we elaborate

The action plan to follow based on the results of the survey.

We perform

Group activities with people to improve the obtained results.

Diferencias Cultura Clim

Do you know the differences between culture and climate?


  • Atmospherewithin the organization.

  • It directly affects thebehavior and performanceof people.

  • reflects thefeel of people in their interaction in the company.


  • Personalityof the organization.

  • It is formed based onmission, vision and values of the company and are the guide to act.

  • reflectsthe picture that people have about your company.

Measure stress in your company

With our stress measurement evaluation, you know the hidden thoughts of your people, understanding if your organization generates a lot of stress and thus you can take strategic actions on measurable improvement points. We classify stress according to its type, these can be the following: 

HeWork stressarises as a reaction of the worker to labor demands and demands


HeOccupational stressIt is the result of the characteristics of the position or occupation that is performed.


HeOrganizational StressIt is the response to a set of work situations that a person faces when working in an organization. 

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Attract the best talent

Contact us to learn more about our services in Organizational Climate and Culture.

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