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One of the key success factors for retaining talent in your organization is giving them the opportunity to get to know each other better and to be assigned to a position based on their characteristics.

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We have a partnership and at the same time we are official sub-distributors of TTI Success Insight's. All our tools are scientifically approved and have an assertiveness rate of 90%.

Evaluacion DISC

DISC profile:It allows you to evaluate your people to  improve productivity at work, communication and teamwork

Driving Forces: Know your passions, the driving forces They define what motivates you to act and do things. Applying themwith a Coaching process you can achieve a huge impact on your assessment of life. Once you know what motivates you to act, you will be in a position to understand why conflicts are generated.

Fuerzas motivadoras
valores del candidato

Value it brings to the organization: By identifying the skills, the organization can develop a system to capitalize on their value in the company, making them an integral part of the team.

Perceptions: brinda información  about the perception that the person has about himself and about how, under certain conditions, others see him.

Comportamiento bajo presión
descripción del candidato

Descriptors: Describe how you solve problems and face challenges, influence people, respond to the rhythm of the environment, and how you respond to rules and procedures imposed by others

Behavioral Hierarchy: shows us observable behavior and emotions, which contribute to achieving success in your work.

Comportamiento del postulante
Fortalezas y Debilidades

Strengths and Limitations: know the areas in which they can demonstrate greater or lesser performance.

Vision of the World and Oneself: refers to the way in which the person sees himself and the world around him.

Inteligencia Emocional IQ

Develop yourself. It grows. triumph.

We invite you to make this very important journey of self-discovery, contact us and transform your life.

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